cover image of Chip Demand Falls Sharply

The semi-conductor chip shortage is easing, according to Hyundai, ABB, and Swedish refrigerator giant Electrolux. This is encouraging for manufacturers following a protracted search for parts.

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 cover image of CBRE, The Real Estate Giant

CBRE Group, Inc. is the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm with $27.7 billion in revenue and $141.9 billion in AuM as of Dec. 31, 2021.

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 cover image of Berkshire Puts Its Cash To Work While Softbank Bleeds

Despite worries about slowing growth, Berkshire Hathaway's operating profits increased in the second quarter, but Warren Buffett's conglomerate was not immune to the general market turbulence.

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 cover image of China's Economy Showing Cracks

Economic pressures on China continue to be a drag on stutturing global economy as China's primary economic pillars release in July showed weaknesses in the manufacturing and crucial real estate industry.

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 cover image of Dollar Stores Benefit From Inflation

As a result of rising prices, many families claim that forgoing vacations and eating out is no longer enough to keep their budget balanced. They are now looking for measures to reduce the price of necessities as long as inflation is high.

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 cover image of Retail Investors Are Looking For A Bounce

Many technology stocks continue to be the most popular among individual investors who claim to be optimistic about a recovery and anticipate these corporations to keep driving the economy.

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 cover image of Meta Isn't Going Well

Since coming public in 2007, Meta hasn't had a quarterly sales decrease year over year. Yet, revenue for the second quarter was $28.82 billion, down 1% from $29.07 billion in the second quarter of 2021.

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 cover image of The Economic Impact Of Climate Change

First Came The Fires, Then The DefaultsParadise, which was devastated by wildfires in 2018, recently informed bondholders that no assurances can be given that it will repay the $5 million that one of its agencies borrowed years ago. The town received $219 million in settlement money from utility PG&

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 cover image of Apollo Global, An Investments Leader

Founded in 1990, Apollo is a high-growth, global alternative asset manager with a focus on three investing strategies: yield, hybrid and equity. The company has a flexible mandate in many of the funds it manages which enables it to invest opportunistically across a company’s capital structure.

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 cover image of Airbus And Boeing Recovering From The Pandemic

At this week's Farnborough Airshow, Boeing released big order announcements from Delta Airlines and other carriers for its troubled 737 MAX jet. Rival Airbus added to its A320neo order book with orders from EasyJet and a mega-order for almost 300 jets from Chinese airlines.

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 cover image of Europe's Lose-Lose Situation

On the political side, some European countries are turning themselves into the poster child of what happens when growth is low for several years, debt rises and social policies take a more important place on the agenda than economic progress

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 cover image of Yield Curve Inverses And Fed To Hike Rates

On Wednesday, the spread between the 2-year Treasury yield and the 10-year Treasury yield increased to its highest point since 2000. The spread increased following the U.S.' consumer price index release which reported an inflation of 9.1% year-on-year in June.

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 cover image of Chinese Consumers Caucious, More Enclined To Save

According to a poll by the People's Bank of China, the inclination of Chinese consumers to save money is at its greatest level in twenty years.

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 cover image of Micron Technology, Short Term Headwinds, Long Term Tailwinds

Micron Technology designs, produces, and distributes memory and storage products such as USB flash drives, flash memory, and dynamic random-access memory. It is the fourth largest semiconductor company in the world and has its main office located in Boise, Idaho.

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 cover image of A Recession?

Something incredibly unexpected is happening right now. The first quarter's economic output decreased, and indications point to a repeat of that trend in the second. Nevertheless, during the first half of the year, the job market shown few signs of weakness.

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 cover image of Venture Backed Startups Are Struggling

SoftBank Group and Tiger Global Management's subpar portfolio outcomes weights on technology companies and shows the excesses created by venture capital money as startups were forced to grow at any cost.

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 cover image of The Cryptomarket Meltdown

The first half of 2022 has been brutal for cryptocurrencies with the market losing hundreds of billions of dollars in value following weeks of turmoil.

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