cover image of Tech Companies Are Always Growing "Fast"

Fast, a firm that offers online checkout and identity services, has raised $102 million in a Series B round back in March 2021. Stripe, a previous investor in Fast, led the current fundraising round.

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 cover image of Pet Stocks Lose Their Momentum

More than 23 million American families (nearly one in every five) got a pet during the pandemic and many new owners have spent big on their pets. U.S. consumers spent $21.4 billion on non-medical pet supplies in November 2022.

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 cover image of Are Private Companies Overvalued?

Most recently IPOed companies have seen their valuation cut in half in the last months. These include well-known companies like SoFi, Marqeta, Robinhood, Affirm and many other so-called FinTechs or SaaS companies.

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 cover image of Beijing To Relax Its Grip On Tech And Foreign-Listed Stocks

On Wednesday, the Chinese government signaled support for the listing of Chinese companies abroad and that its crackdown on technology companies would end soon.

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 cover image of Semiconductor Industry Is Better Prepared This Time

Russia and Ukraine produce the majority of the raw materials used in chip manufacturing. Both neon gas, which is used to feed lasers that print circuitry onto silicon, and palladium, which is utilized in subsequent production stages, are abundant in the countries.

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 cover image of China's Slow Schism

According to a Western official and a US diplomat, the US has knowledge that China has expressed some interest in giving Russia with requested military and financial aid as part of its attack on Ukraine.

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 cover image of Google To Buy Mandiant in $ 5.4B Cybersecurity Deal

Google is paying $5.4 billion to acquire cybersecurity firm Mandiant Inc, a purchase that could have a "ripple effect" as cloud competitors Microsoft and Amazon ratchet up their attempts to secure the fast-growing industry.

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 cover image of Bed Bath & Beyond, The New GameStop?

In premarket trading Monday, Bed Bath & Beyond stock jumped more than 70% when GameStop Chairman Ryan Cohen revealed that his investment firm, RC Ventures, owned a roughly 10% position in the business.

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 cover image of SoftBank Is Cutting Its Alibaba Stake

SoftBank Group Corp is set to reduce its holding in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, according to an analyst, as the Japanese tech titan focusses on unlisted companies and repurchases its shares. In the last quarter, SoftBank sold 20 million Alibaba shares and could sell even more shares in 2022.

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 cover image of Tesla's Gigafactory On Hold

Tesla revealed plans for its first Gigafactory in Europe near Berlin in late 2019, challenging Germany's conventional car industry titans Volkswagen and Daimler.

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 cover image of Louis Vuitton Scales Up Manufacturing In France

The luxury group's sales, as well as those of its rivals Kering and Richemont, have risen dramatically as a result of rising demand for European fashion and accessories.

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 cover image of Airbus' Engines Restart

After swinging to a record net profit of € 4.2 billion ($ 4.8 billion), Europe's largest aircraft business has reinstated its dividend for the first time in two years.

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 cover image of Blackstone Sells Mileway For $ 24B

Mileway was formed by Blackstone in 2019 to store the portfolio of urban warehouses and dark kitchens owned by its European property funds in and near populated areas. Companies such as, Deliveroo and parcel delivery provider Deutsche Post rely on these so-called last-mile locations.

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 cover image of Adyen: A Growth & Profits Story

Adyen, a Dutch payments processor, reported a 51% increase in core earnings in the second half of 2021, exceeding expectations and sending its stock price soaring.

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 cover image of Peloton Has A New Leader

Peloton co-founder John Foley, who has overseen the firm for its entire 10-year history, is stepping down as CEO and will become executive chairman. Barry McCarthy, the former CFO of Spotify and Netflix, will take over as CEO and President of Peloton and join the board of directors.

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 cover image of Amazon Surprises, Meta Fades

Amazon's profit nearly doubled during the holiday season, thanks to better-than-expected labor and supply cost control, as well as advances in its cloud computing and advertising divisions.

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 cover image of Thematic Investing Is Showing Cracks

According to a recent report from JPMorgan, the attractiveness of investing in thematic ETFs that target diverse topics like renewable energy, innovation in developing markets, robots and space exploration does not benefit the end investor in the long run.

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