Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Sparks Global Banking Concerns

Silicon Valley Bank's collapse has sent shockwaves through the global banking industry, leading to widespread concerns about the financial stability of lenders. Despite reassurances from US President Joe Biden and other policymakers, investors remain worried about the contagion risk after two US banks collapsed.

Chief equity strategist at Barrenjoey, Damien Boey, warns that bank runs have started and interbank markets have become stressed. He believes that liquidity measures should have stopped these dynamics, but Main Street has been watching news and queues rather than financial plumbing.

What About The Yield?

The market has also witnessed a furious race to reprice interest rate expectations, with investors betting that the US Federal Reserve will be reluctant to hike next week. Traders currently see a 50% chance of no rate hike at the upcoming meeting, with rate cuts priced in for the second half of the year.

  • Prior to the bank's collapse, investors had expected the central bank to increase rates by 50 basis points at its upcoming meeting on March 21 and 22
  • However, some economists now speculate that rate hikes may be put on hold or limited to a smaller increase, such as the 2 basis point hike announced at the last meeting
  • In a recent statement, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell suggested that rates could remain higher for longer depending on economic data readings, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the bank's collapse and its potential impact on the broader economy

Economists surveyed by Dow Jones predicted a 0.4% monthly increase in the consumer price index for February, with core inflation expected to increase by 0.4% from January.

Safe Banking

The Financial Times reports that a wave of customers has applied to shift their accounts to large US banks such as JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup from smaller lenders following SVB's collapse.

Despite Biden's promises that the US banking system is safe, investors are still worried about the stability of the banking sector, and there are concerns about potential contagion to other lenders worldwide.


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Photo by Hardik Pandya on Unsplash.