Costs Are Exploding, Revenue Growth Looks Hard To Maintain

We are selling our position in Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc (EGLX). The company reported sales of CAD$ 30.0m, generating a gross profit of CAD$ 5.9m. Operating expenses reached CAD$ 18.7m and translated into a net loss of CAD$ 13.5m.

  • The company now boasts a revenue growth of more than 300%. Investors should note that this includes its acquisitions

A Closer Look

Why are we selling? Here are the metrics from the previous quarters:

  • Pro forma (including the Omnia Media acquisition) revenue was $ 31.7m for Q3 2020, an increase of 17% compared to $ 27.2m in Q2
  • Gross margin decreased to 24.9% in Q3 2020 from 65.1% in Q3 2019

The quarter-on-quarter figures show that Enthusiast Gaming is having issues with its growth, which may compromise its valuation going forward. Certainly if gross margins continue their descent:

  • In Q4 of 2020, it reported a gross profit of $ 6.2m (these are U.S. Dollars) at a gross margin of 19.1%
  • In Q1 of 2021, it reports a gross profit of CAD$ 5.9m (or around $ 4.7 to 4.8m U.S. Dollars at a rate of 1/1.25) at a gross margin of 19.6%

This shows that the company is under pressure to grow its sales quarter-on-quarter and may be forced to complete further acquisitions in order to maintain its growth levels. This may require it to raise additional capital as it is not yet profitable.


  • Enthusiast Gaming aims to transform social gaming by turning itself into the leading media company in e-sports
  • Growth is mainly fuelled by acquisitions and enable it to present triple-digits growth numbers
  • However, quarter-on-quarter sales growth tell a different picture while the company fails to grow its gross margins
  • Enthusiast Gaming’s growth-through acquisition model may require it raise more capital in the coming months


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Photo by Igor Karimov on Unsplash.