Growing Recruitment

Less than 18 months after introducing significant privacy restrictions that crippled its larger rivals, Apple wants to roughly double the personnel in its rapidly expanding digital advertising business. According to recruitment websites, the iPhone manufacturer's ad platforms team consists of roughly 250 employees.

  • Apple is seeking candidates for an additional 216 of these positions, nearly quadrupling the number it was searching for in late 2020
  • Apple's privacy policies introduced last year made it difficult to target ads to Apple's 1 billion+ iPhone users

Apple Is Gaining Traction

In contrast to Google and Facebook, Apple is gaining traction in digital advertising, according to a survey released by Appsumer on Tuesday. The study found that Apple's ad business has benefited from the company's significant iOS privacy update in 2021, which made it more challenging for businesses like Facebook to track users across the Internet. The study's findings were based on an analysis of the online ad budgets of over 100 different consumer app companies.

  • People can advertise on Apple's App Store using its search advertisements. According to Appsumer, the adoption rate for advertisers increased by almost 4 percentage points from a year earlier to 94.8% in the second quarter
  • While adoption for Facebook decreased by 3 percentage points to 82.8%. The rate for Google dropped 2 points to 94.8%.

In-App Advertising

Apple intends to include advertisements in more of the iPhone's pre-installed apps. Despite the fact that the tech giant already incorporates advertisements in its News, App Store, and Stocks applications, Bloomberg reports that it recently conducted an internal test of advertisements in Apple Maps and Apple may as well include ads in other programs like Podcasts and Books.

  • Apple will probably let companies like restaurants pay a charge to have their service shown higher in search results with Maps
  • In addition to appearing in search results, ads may also appear in other areas of the app, providing advertisers additional control over how and where their spaces are displayed

Todd Teresi, Apple's vice president of ad platforms, reportedly aims to increase the company's current $4 billion in yearly ad revenue to double digits.


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Photo by Emanuel Ekström on Unsplash.